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1st Tonight Show

2nd Tonight Show

Tammy on Tour!


                    October 16// Club 337, Lafayette, LA Tickets Here

                  October 18// Corporate Show

                  October 23 // Sheldon Theater- Red Wing, MN Tickets Here!

November 12 // CANCEL THIS COMEDY TOUR                                            Mayo Performing Arts Center, Morristown, NJ Tickets Here!

November 18-20 // Improv Comedy Club- Pittsburg, PA Tickets Here!

             December 9 //  Keswick Theatre- Glenside, PA Tickets Here

            December 10-11// Funny Stop Comedy Club Tickets Here!

            December 16// Standup Live!, Phoenix, AZ Tickets Here

             December 31 // YOU SHOULDn’t LAUGH @THAT!                                                               Catfish Bend Casino, Burlington, IA Tickets Here!

January 21-22 // Uncle Vinnie’s- Point Pleasant, NJ Tickets Here!

January 28 // The Loft @City Winery, New York, NY Tickets Here!

         February 10-12 // Helium Comedy Club-Philadelphia, PA Tickets Here.

 March 5// Academy Theater, Meadville, PA Tickets Here!

March 11 // Magic Bag- Ferndale, MI Tickets Here!

March 19 // Savor Theater, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Tickets Here!

March 26 // RRazz Room@ Center Bridge, New Hope, PA Tickets Here!

Media Kit

Download the media kit here.
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Check out Tammy's Comedy Specials: "Finding The Funny " and "Way After School Special", along with the movie she stars in, "That's Amore" on @PrimeVideo.