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  2. I am enjoying your comedy channel special right now!… you are a scream… when are you coming to Atlanta?

  3. Ha! Tammy, I gave up trying to do my website for my concert next June! Pain in the freakin ass! Hired it out! I think it’s cute and fun! The cartoon of you is perfect too!!!! Love Ya, Wendy Guyett from Omaha!!!

  4. I’m so ashamed that I just got turned on to you. Wow, you are incredibly funny and beautiful. What a rare blessing to have an honest, funny, ‘real’ comedienne. Thanks for the laughs you really are helping those going through tough times. I’m finding the funny. You have a new supporter here!

  5. I just watched youre special on netflix. The stories with your husband were too funny. I’m gonna check out “it is what it is”..

  6. I have been a fan since watching you on last comic standing. Your comedy, wit, and presentation amaze me!
    I hope your Canadian fan following encourages you to travel up north for shows at some point, or Las Vegas perhaps .

    Richelle, Alberta , Canada .

  7. Awww…Thank you Richelle! Every few years I get to do a tour of Canada. Hopefully in the next few months we will know when!

  8. You were the best comedian on Jenny’s Dirty Sexy Funny. I recorded it to show my Aunt and her posse’ (who are all 70 years old and drive corvettes). They are coming to visit me in Tulsa Ok this weekend for a “Girls” weekend. A little bit of wine and watching your show will get us revved up for a night on the town. Keep doing what your doing! You Rock!

  9. I have a small set in “Jenny McCarthy’s Dirty, Sexy,Funny” (available on Netflix). And some earlier material is available on Comedy Central under their “Comedy Central Presents” label. Working on a new hour special to film soon.
    Thanks so much for the kind words!

  10. Just saw you on Netflix, “Finding the Funny”. You are wonderfulI I had many good laughs. Plus, your Sicilian references truly resonated with me. Hope to see you in LA area soon.

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