6-9    Improv, Washington, D.C.

15 “Third Saturday in August”,Renaissance Theater,Mansfield, OH

20-23  Funnybone, Virginia Beach, VA


10-13 Off the Hook Comedy Club, Naples, FL

29-OCT 4 Improv @Harrah’s, Las Vegas, NV.



17 Jenny McCarthy’s”Dirty,Sexy,Funny”,Superstar Theater,Atlantic City,NJ

23 Jenny McCarthy’s”Dirty,Sexy,Funny”,Treasure Island,Welch, MN

24 Jenny McCarthy’s”Dirty,Sexy,Funny”,Desert Diamond Casino,Sahuarita,AZ



5-7   JR’s Last Laugh, Erie, PA

14   TBA North Bend, Oregon

20-22 Improv, Pittsburgh, PA

27-28 Helium Comedy Club, Buffalo, NY


9-12  Helium Comedy Club, Philadelphia,PA

16-19  Gotham Comedy Club, NY,NY


22-23 Funny Stop Comedy Club, Cuyahoga Falls,OH

4-6 Improv, Schaumberg, Ill.

9-12 Comedy Zone @Visani’s,Pt.Charlotte,FL

7-10 Improv, Kansas City,Mo

4 Corporate Show San Diego,CA

135 thoughts on “Schedule”

  1. I live in New Rochelle, New York. Would love to know when Tammy might be in the New York/New Jersey or Connecticut area. She is just hysterical! Love her humor!

  2. Saw you on the view and loved you! I am from western Pa and was wondering if you are performing anywhere close to Pittsburgh/ Greentree/ Bridgeville area? And when will your show be on because its always nice to know a laugh is around the corner when lifes reality hits you in your face.

  3. When you going to be in Chicago again….

    Your SMOKIN HOT and FUNNY…. great combination.


  4. Aww thanks! I don’t have a Pittsburgh date scheduled as of yet, but I know that I am playing the Academy Theater in Meadville on Feb25 of 2012.

  5. Tammy,
    When will you be back in Nashville, TN?
    Saw your appearance on The View—great!!
    Thanks, Trona

  6. Tammy,

    I have followed your careers for many years. Love your style of comedy! Would love to see you perform live. I keep checking your schedule, but you never seem to come to Georgia? Is it the hillbilly thing……afraid they will keep you? I promise, Atlanta has become very civilized over the years. If you like going to NY, you will love coming to ATL!! Hope to see you soon at a comedy club in Hotlanta……

    Keep doing what you do. You’re wonderful!


  7. I saw you in Denver a couple of years ago. Loved the Show.
    Was wondering if you are planning on coming to the North West. Actually Eastern Washington.

  8. Saw you on Last Comic Standing – you’re amazingly funny!!
    Just saw you on LOCO – so relatable and hysterically funny! I’m the youngest of four with older brothers and I’m half Italian – my sides hurt from laughing so much! My husband (he’s Irish) doesn’t get it!!

    When will you be in th Boston, MA or Connecticut areas??

  9. No Indianapolis dates? We live in the midwest…we need comedy to sustain our dreary little lives!

    And girl…you need a new website!

  10. Hey! I do my website myself to try to to keep it updated as much as possible! I am no expert and there are thousands better than me- but then I have to wait for material to pass to and from. Been there- done that!! Request me @ Crackers!!

  11. Thank you so much! I don’t have anything scheduled, but you never know! Request me at the local club!

  12. Aww, Kim- thanks for the joke quote! I love ATL actually, but the thing is the comedy club- Punchline, hasn’t had me there in a LOOOONNNNNGGGG time. AS I said to so many before, request me! Comedians, like vampires, have to be invited in :)

  13. Thanks Trona! I don’t have Zanies on my schedule for this year but I am sure we will do something for 2012. Request me there! Nashville is so much fun!!

  14. I know! I am in LA all the time but I don’t seem to make it out fo there very much! I will def keep you posted!!

  15. Hi Tammy! Saw you 9/10 in New Brunswick and thought you were great! I don’t see anything on your schedule, are you going to be in NY or NJ this year or early in 2012? Thanks!

  16. When are you coming to Chi-town again? I missed you when you were in Naperville a few months ago. Can you try to come to Zanie’s in St. Charles, IL??? 😉

  17. Tammy, I had the opportunity to tell you that we’ve kept your stand-up comedy night on our TiVo for “years” — Just cannot delete it. We’ve suggested over and over that Comedy Zone in Jacksonville bring you — and after years of waiting – they did! We scheduled our week around your show. I realize that to you it was just another night (at the Ramada Inn) — but to us it was a touch of delight with deep down pleasure sprinkled throughout. It seemed like you were ready to call it a night — and then you went another 15 minutes or so — it was greatly appreciated. Come back again – we’ll take you to dinner, show you the city and treat you like royal family. :)

    We’ll keep looking as to where our paths might cross again, who know when I might need to hear, “What the hell were you thinking?!”

  18. My two favorite female comedians on the same night?! That would have been a great show! Any chance you will come close to Cincinnati?

  19. Any thing in the near future for the Tampa Bay area? I haven’t seen you live since 2005 at the Comedy Works in Denver and my fiancee has never seen you perform live.

  20. Hey Tammy, my wife and i are big fans, we would love to see you live. Do you have any NYC/NJ dates for 2011/2012.

  21. Hi Tammy,
    last night I saw you for the first time on Comedy Central and I enjoyed it a lot.
    I laughed till it hurts, that’s not while I was in the hospital after a big clash on the football pitch last week ( a bit), but you were very funny.
    So I checked the internet right away and I discovered this website. Do you come to Europe for a show? Or do you only perform in the US?
    Thanks for a good and funny night.

    (the Netherlands)

  22. I have worked in Europe many times but not lately. Request me at whatever venue you think has a great comedy platform! Thanks again and be careful on the field!

  23. That is so very kind! I had so much fun at that club (Ramada Inn:)!! I hope to be back there quite soon! God Bless!

  24. Rick the closest I am going to be to you is Port Charlotte FL the first week of Feb. Not a bad drive- it will be worth it!!

  25. Saw U perform 12/10 at Connxtions, Toledo,Ohio and loved the show! U R a great comic and hope 2 see U again! We had a lot of fun last night thanks 4 taking a picture with me after the show. God bless and take care!

  26. Great show at Connextions in Toledo, Ohio, saturday night!
    It was a pleasure meeting U after the show as well, bought the dvd
    So I can watch and share the laughter with others! Thanks 4 a great time!
    Next time a buddy acts up, I’ll punch him in the d*ck and ask him
    ” What’s the hell is wrong with U?”

    Sincerely, Oscar Cavazos

  27. I really enjoy your show and even liked you on F.B. and saw a recent post that they are looking to cancel your show on WeTV. Such a shame because your show is much better than some of those other “reality” shows on tv. Something I can actually laugh over and nice to see a reminder of my friends I live away from because I live upstate PA away from family and friends. Will miss your show on TV.
    Do you ever come close to Williamsport area? Or even Harrisburg? Don’t know the comedy clubs around here but if you tell me I will request…thanks and have a Merry Christmas.

  28. I show you on A Stand UP Mother last night. You and your family are hilarious! Will you be making more episodes?

  29. Hey Tammy can you please come to the Columbus OH Funny Bone? Also I miss your show on WE, I’m glad the are airing the remaining episodes!

  30. Tammy,

    Happy Holidays to you Luca & Luca Jr. My wife and I watch you show religiously. We would like to know when are you scheduled to perform in the NYC/ NJ area. Did you sell your other house yet?

  31. Hey Tammy! Love your humor and your t.v. show! Just watched the Las Vegas one with your mother-in-law, which brings me to my question. When will you be playing Las Vegas again?

  32. Thanks, Vic. I was really sad to see WETV cancel the series- we had fun. And yes, we did sell the house, despite ANT’s staging :)

  33. Thanks Kyle. I love Columbus but they have to ask me to come there and they haven’t for awhile. Request me!

  34. Aww thanks for the kind words Sharon! I was very disappointed w/ WETV. SO MANY PEOPLE LIKED OUR SHOW!. I play all over but I think the closest I get you is Philadelphia… Be well

  35. Hi Tammy! I think you are so funny. I love your act so much. I purchased tickets to see you at Club Helium on Valentine’s Day. However, I noticed on the club’s website that your information is no longer there. Please tell me that the show is still on!

  36. Tammy, you are extremely funny and entertaining. We would love to see you in DC. Any chance you can get DC Improv or the Riot Act into your schedule?

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  38. I am so very sorry Carmen- that date is going to be rescheduled. Please ask the club for the exact time and they can transfer your ticket!

  39. You are extremely funny. Although it’s part of your routine, I want to know why you don’t do it for real – host a show called “What the Hell’s Wrong With You?!”
    Also, do you ever get to the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area? We’d love to see you down here.

  40. Tammy, I saw you today and fell in love. I’m sure I’m too old for you but you are so beautiful and funny. I would enjoy spending all my time with you.

  41. Been following your career since Last Comic Standing… Looking forward to your appearance at Mall of America, Saturday 4/21 at the 8 pm show. We will be in the audience rooting for you. jcm

  42. Heard you on WDVE this morning, best of luck and break a leg at the Byham in the Burg in June
    DVE Rocks !! The only thing about Clear Channel that doesnt suck ! Long live Jimmy Krenn !!

  43. Love your comedy. Coming to north Florida or surrounding area? Have car will travel! you and Kathleen Madigan together would be GREAT – are you two still appearing together at times?

  44. I will be in Tampa @ SideSplitter the week of Sept 13- come out! and Thanks!

  45. Heard you on 92.5 in Dallas this morning. I am a Cleveland girl myself, HUGE Browns fan, and I would LOVE to see you here in Dallas! Please!

  46. Just saw you at The Comedy Zone in Jacksonville. You were/are great. You know, there are words in Italian for that guy in the front row!!!!

  47. Tammy,
    Never has a comedian made me laugh as hard as you do. Your a kick in the pants. Do you plan on visiting seattle or spokane in the future? Id die to see your show!

  48. Saw you tonight at Side Splitters in Tampa, FL. You were exactly what I expected in person – FUNNY! Thank you for the laughs. My husband and both grown sons came with me, which was great ’cause it made it a a family outing. Keep doing what you do. To quote Charlie Chaplin, “A day without laughter, is a day wasted.” Thank you!

  49. I saw you perform at ‘Ladies Nite Out’ a fundraiser for the Links for Life in Hanford, CA. Thank you for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness. Your performance was outstanding. I hurt from laughing by the end. You were such a professional dealing with the horrible lighting situation. I am looking forward to your new video and am telling everyone I know to watch for your shows.

    Thank you again for an amazing evening of humor.


  50. Saw you in Baltimore last weekend and you were amazing!! Please come back anytime… I bought the dvd, but you left before CJ could get it signed! Please let me know when you’re coming back!!

  51. wish you would come to Northeast PA. Poconos or Scranton/Wilkes Barre. Maybe Mt Airy Casino the Poconos. They have had Adam Corolla/Gilbert Gottfried…etc.

  52. will you be in levittown ny at Governers Comedy Club ? We very much enjoyed seeing you there a few yrs ago

  53. Your schedule shows you playing the Chumash casino on April 27th. I called and they are not selling tickets. The one person didn’t know anything about it. Has this been canceled? I would love to see you when you are in California.

  54. I wish! I haven’t been there for 5 yrs! I was actually in labor:)! Request me so that maybe they will ask me back.

  55. I have been wanting to go to a show of yours for years! I’m from Long Island and would love to see you live!! Are you planning anything in NY anytime soon? Thanks!

  56. Dear Tammy,

    A while ago I left a message on your website according a live performance in Europe. I was very thrilled to see that you come to the Netherlands for the television tapings for the Comedy Factory on the 21th May. Unfortunate I can’t visit the tapings that day and see you performing live on stage.
    Hopefully you give a smashing show overthere, because the Dutch have the right to meet you…..
    Enjoy your stay in Rotterdam and perhaps untill a next visit.

  57. Dear Tammy,

    A while ago I left a message on your website according a live performance in Europe. I was very thrilled to see that you come to the Netherlands for the television tapings for the Comedy Factory on the 21th May. Unfortunate I can’t visit the tapings that day and see you performing live on stage.
    Hopefully you give a smashing show overthere, because the Dutch have the right to meet you…..
    Enjoy your stay in Rotterdam and perhaps untill a next visit.

  58. You are too sweet! I don’t have anything scheduled but keep adding dates all the time!

  59. Dear Tammy, I wanted to let you know that you have fans in Israel too. Wish you come to a visit here too! Cheers! Carmi

  60. Tammy,

    Can’t wait to see you in Schaumburg on Friday at 8. Great venue! Me and my wife of one year on October 20th are excited to see you for the first time. Do you know who is opening for you ma’am?

    Thanks Tammy,

    Brian and Marti

  61. Dear Tammy,

    Well, I have proven it again ! I have the worst timing in the world ! I just discover you by searching the web for Italian comedy 3 days ago, love the whole “Sicilian Thing” as Diane Keaton referred to our culture in Godfather 1 and find today that you just recently
    Appeared in SCHAUMBURG, Illinos in Oct !!! I show up @ breakfast with a boner, go to bed and I am hungry!’

    Will have to either catch you in New York when I visit my daughter in Brooklyn, or just have you visit us for Sunday dinner when I prepare my pigs feet and mech one sicilian sugu!!! My wife and I were lolo last night watching ” finding the funny “.keep up the
    good work

    John Costello

  62. Heard you last night on SiriusXM Satellite radio and it was great. When are you coming to the Chicago area?

  63. I loved your special. PLEASE PLEASE come to Los Angeles, or anywhere in California. I will bring a table of friends. Girl, you are too funny. We need you out here.

  64. Hhahah! I could use a girl’s night out too! Thanks so much! Please tell your friends to watch too!

  65. I saw you on The View. You are great!
    Any thoughts on traveling south to Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC?

  66. Just watched you on The View!! You are hilarious!! Loved your set!! When are you coming to Toronto, Canada??!!! We are a comedy-loving people!!

  67. Have you EVER been to Los Angeles?? Love to see you here. I’m in the beach cities, hermosa beach. Maybe you’d like to do a show at the Comedy and Magic Club here in Hermosa??? It would be great.

  68. Tammy,

    I first saw you on tv…..loved you! Then saw you at the breast cancer event in Charlotte. I took my fiance and we both laughed so hard! PLEASE COME BACK to the area soon!

  69. of course! I lived there for 10 yrs and I was always @HBCMC! it is a great club! Request me there! Thank you!

  70. I love Toronto! I have played there several time with Just For Laughs! Hopefully soon! Thanks!

  71. Thanks! Just request me at your local club/theater- comedians have to be invited by them. Thanks so much!

  72. I saw, years ago at the beginning of the comments, that you were performing with Amy Madigan. Wow what a show that must have been, like Elton John and Billy Joel. You both crack me up so much. And ethnically it’s like a mixed marriage. It must have been great. Anyway, I wanted to tell you how beautiful you are, like you don’t hear it everyday. I’ll be watching your schedule for Lynchburg, C’ville, or elsewhere in Va and request you at the Paramount in Lynchburg. We just saw Birbiglebug (Mike) there last month.

  73. Just saw you last night at Funny Bone in Perrysburg, OH! Your show was so worth the many years I’ve waited to see you live! And thank you for taking the picture with me! Cannot wait to see you live again.

  74. Awe, thx! I think you Kathleen Madigan- she is my BFF and uber funny! Thanks again!

  75. TAMMY PLEASE COME TO PITTSBURGH!! I’ve fallen in love with you on OnA and ron and fez. your the shit girllllllllll. love ya miss ya

  76. No MN! WTF? One search of your schedule brought up 2012. Was all excited to see you in Nov. Way to mess with me. Glad I found the schedule letting me know that you must have had it with us after 2012.

  77. I have no idea why the internet showed you a 2012 schedule but this is the official schedule. ANd comedians are like vampires, we have to be invited in. So it’s not that I chose not to go to MN, I haven’t been invited by a club or theater, Call your local!! Thanks for doing so much work though:)

  78. Hi tammy, My older son Roger loves to listen to you besides Kirstie the actress he laughs so hard at your comedy act !!! if it is possible to come to grand junction Colorado and perform that would be a blessing for him !!! I know it might not be a major
    City but we live in a beautiful area so you could come and do a comedy show and then relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery! thank you suzette

  79. I was willing to drive from Niagara Falls, Ontario CANADA to Albany, NY to see you at comedy works – but when I went to the comedy works site Louie Anderson is listed as the comedian. WTF? Where did you go?

  80. Portland, OR is in dire need for a truly brilliant woman to come out and show us the funny. Especially in these dreary winter months of gray blah!

  81. Hope you will be able to play on of the casinos on the Mississippi gulf coast somethime in 2015. We love your show.

  82. Thanks so much!! Please tell the local club or theater to request me and we will try to get something on the books!

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