“Why go big, when you     can go home?!”


        “Tammy Pescatelli’s: Way After School Special”

What: Live filming

When: Friday, March 16th  7:30 p.m. 

Where: Perry High School, Perry, Ohio Map

Tickets: $23.00 (Ticket broker charges a handling fee)

Click here for tickets

Who: Adults and children over 16 accompanied by a parent

Attire: Dress in your favorite 80’s style


 Did you ever wonder what happened to the Captain of the Cheerleaders?

This one became a COMEDIAN!

In 10th grade, Tammy Pescatelli told her high school guidance counselor that she wanted to be an actress. That guidance counselor scoffed, “You’re from Perry, Ohio.  No one from here is on TV. The only way you’ll be on TV is if you rob a bank!”


That kind of discouragement deterred Tammy (especially from a career as a bank robber), but only for a short time.  Tammy followed her entertainment dream and became a successful stand-up comedian. She has been on shows like The Tonight Show,  The Talk, The View and many more. Her first comedy special for Comedy Central won the #1 spot for the network’s coveted  “Standup Showdown”. The next special for Netflix and iTunes, “Finding The Funny”, was selected as editor’s choice and was one of the Top Downloaded for 2014.

For her next special, “Tammy Pescatelli’s Way After School Special”, Tammy decided to go  back to her home town of Perry and film her special at her old high school. Not just because it’s a unique place to film a special, but because she wanted to show the students that no matter where you start, your dreams can take you anywhere!  The special will also provide some selected students the opportunity to work on the pre-production and production of the show, giving them knowledge, experience and even a credit for school and for the  finished product.  During the months leading up to the filming, Tammy has enlisted some of the biggest influencers and decision makers in the comedy/film business to Skype with the students and perhaps work with the kids, side by side, during the actual filming.  Tammy has also decided to set up a scholarship for the Arts.

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Ultimately, the “Way After School Special” will not only put Tammy on television, but despite that “Miss Guidance” counselor’s prediction, it will put the WHOLE small town on television and show a new generation, by example, that hard work, dedication and dreams beat robbing banks any day!