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7 thoughts on “Email Tammy”

  1. Hi! Saw you last night with Kathleen Madigan at New Brunswick and thought you were great! I know my girlfriends would really enjoy your show also (was with my guy last night). I checked your schedule but did not see anything in NY/NJ area for the rest of the year. Anything coming up early next year? Thanks!

  2. I have to say that I usually fast forward when there are comedians on the View but I happened to have my TV on live while going through paperwork and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you this morning! You have a very different approach to the typical comedian style and I was cracking up!! Hey, I also really liked the blouse you were wearing so if you don’t mind sharing the brand and where you got it, I would appreciate it.
    I’ll be watching out for your schedule and also sharing your talent with my family and friends. Thank you for the laughs this morning.

  3. You did and excellent job on DVE (Pitsburgh) this mornin. Not only did you hold your own with Randy Bauman and the morning crew but the laughter continued. You’ll rock on the 27th in Monroeville.

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