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“When I was pregnant, my agent said, “Your career is over! I have never seen a pregnant woman on stage.” I said, ‘Apparently you have never been to a really bad strip club!'”.
“I’m not going to tell you my mother-in-law is difficult BUT the Pope would stab her with his hat!”
Comedian  Tammy Pescatelli is the kind of woman you wish was your
sister or your best friend. Like a good sister, she‘s always ready with a good joke or lively quip. Tammy learned her funny skills growing up in a large, crazy, Italian family outside of Cleveland. She went on to marry into an even larger, crazier, Italian family and has a little boy that she named after her husband-‘just to prepare for Alzheimer’s!”. When people ask her – “Where do you get your material?“ Tammy famously replies, “I wake up!”.
Her most recent 1 hour special, “Finding the Funny” was released recently in an exclusive deal with the trailblazing company, NETLFIX.  Tammy’s eye for actually finding the funny in all situations, is what is already bringing the project critical acclaim from fans and peers alike. That same special was selected “New and Noteworthy” by iTunes editors and also hit number 3 on the charts.Her smashing appearance on “The View” was followed up by another sensational appearance on “The Howard Stern Show”.Tammy‘s recent reality series, A Stand Up Mother   (which she co-created, executive produced, wrote and starred in) on WEtv, documented her life as she balanced her family and her growing career with a lot of laughs. She was chosen by Jenny McCarthy’s to be part of her “Dirty,Sexy,Funny” comedy special EPIX. Being one of the Final Five on NBC‘s “Last Comic Standing 2“ catapulted Tammy‘s career and won her a slew of new fans, solidifying her as one of the sharpest women in the comedy world.

Tammy won “Comedy Central‘s 2010 Stand-Up Showdown”, and has appeared twice as a guest on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”. She has also  recently appeared on BRAVO TV’s “Rocco’s Dinner Party”, CBS’s “The Talk”, Nickeloden’s “NICK Mom’s Night Out”,  TVGuide’s “Standup in Stilletoes”, FuelTV’s “Roast of Parks Bonifay”, NBC‘s “Last Comic Standing: The Best of the Best”,and Comedy Central‘s “The World Stands Up!”.Tammy also appeared in her own half-hour special for Comedy Central, “Comedy Central Presents: Tammy Pescatelli.” She has made numerous appearance  on the CBC’s hit show,”The Debater’s”, as well as the “Jerry Lewis Telethon“. She has performed on “The Bonnie Hunt Show”,  “TBS‘s Evening at the Laugh Factory”, “Last Call with Carson Daly”, and has been a guest a number of times on the syndicated show “Comics Unleashed”, and was chosen for their “Best of the Best“ world wide top selling DVD! Tammy has also made more than 100+appearances on “talking head” shows on VH1, CMT, MTV, E!, A&E, REELS, TVGuide and many more.She was also featured weekly as part of the “Fashion Police“panel for US Weekly. And giving pros a run for their money in the pokerdepartment, Tammy participated in the GSN poker series “Poker Royale: Comedians vs. Pros”, finishing in second place after beating all of the comedians and all of the pro’s but one. A regular on USO Comedy tours, Tammy has entertained our troops all over the world.

She co-stars in the sleeper hit “Everybody Wants to Be Italian”, “Single”, and  in the award winning indie film  “Made in Brooklyn.”

On her previous album, IT IS WHAT IT IS, she used every bit of her experience to make us laugh about family, religion, and even politics (her sister-in-law thinks Al Qaeda is a guy from the neighborhood.)

Tammy currently tours the country promoting her latest comedy DVD, “Finding the Funny”.

33 thoughts on “Official Biography”

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  2. Tammy,
    Your father (Jim) hired me when he was with New York Life in Davenport, Iowa. That would have been 1991. I enjoyed your performance at one of our kick off meetings in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Not sure of the year but I think you were just getting your feet wet. I have lost track of all the NYL people including your dad. I hope he is well and if you can find the time, please give me an update. Congratulations on your success and I hope your high school guidance councilor learned a lesson. I have been enjoying your show this morning. I am happy for your success. I did catch you on Lenno too!!

  3. I will definitely let Dad know that you got in touch- I remember that show! Hope that you are great!

  4. Yes! I saw it one morning and then I was looking for it in the WETV schedule… nothing. Great show! Want more!

  5. 2 questions; since when is Meadville considered “outside of Cleveland”? Also how exactly do you make it out of NWPA to be that successful? Seriously Erie keeps dragging me back no matter where I go to start a career! Do you offer classes on how to be a funny woman in the land of aging newscasters? If so sign me up for it or a mentor program or some thing. Unless I get a handle on this technology craze I honestly have no idea what to do to stop working retail and start being myself. What I am trying to say is thanks for being a hometown inspiration. Good luck in all you do.

  6. 1 answer: I didn’t grow up in Meadville. I grew up in “outside of Cleveland” in NW OHIO!.:)

  7. My wife, brother and I enjoyed your show on Netflix. Who did your father play for? Is your maiden name Pescatelli?

  8. The president who loved the show had to quit, and then the new president didn’t want any shows the old president found… pretty dumb if you ask me. I think Tammy should do Kickstarter and do her only episodes of A Stand Up Mother and put it on YouTube…

  9. BAH HA HA you are a freaking riot tammy! Just saw find the funny last night and almost pissed myself laughing! I’m not even a fan of stand-up until now as I’ve been watching depressing thrillers and weirdo investigation discovery shows before bed then dreamed I got shot in the head on a bus…so I found the funny instead and the toothless hooker and I have to say, I’m stealing your bit! I didn’t know stand-up could be so hilarious you are a real gem of a lady and a classy ass Sicilian who’s gorgeous but who won’t steak my man cause u barely want your own. HAHA you have a super fan here and thanks so much for turning me on to comedy when I really needed it 😀

    Please please please come to Portland Oregon I will take all my girlfriends!

  10. Just watched your routine on Netflix, totally understand your

    take on many things especially picking out crazy women, I was

    raised in a family of nine brothers, I was the only girl. Keep

    up finding the funny.

  11. Hello Tammy: Just watched your set on the Jenny McCarthy Epix special. I am still laughing. Worked with your father when we were both in management at the New York Life Cleveland office. He was in charge of the Painesville Sales Office. Hope he is well. Please say hello for me.

  12. Hey Tammy!! I saw you on The View and love your comedy style, jokes, and presence! I currently reside in Chicago, one of the best places for comedy. But I may be going to Ohio for school doing a fast track program. How is the comedy scene in Ohio you would say? I saw you were from Cleveland, I may be in Cincinatti for a year but I would like to start touring open mics.

  13. Ohio is the best place to start out bc you are less than 4 hrs from a ton of clubs in every direction! Have fun!

  14. Just saw you on Byron allen. …..You were the nicest looking woman on the TV. Pardon me But pretty is pretty. Funny goes even better with PRETTY.

  15. I remember listening to you on Power 98.9 in the Quad Cities! I just watched your show on Netflix — I found the funny :)

  16. I just watched Tammy Pescatelli: Finding The Funny on Netflix. I swear I recognize your body genetics. You are so strikingly similar to my intimate friend, Pam. You have the same sexy voice Your joke about a woman’s eyebrows, the thinner, the crazier, fits Pam. She has none, they’re tatooed on. But crazy mind, guarantees crazy great sex. Whoa, gotta stop there & go take care of something. You only have so many, ya know? I’m 58, if it’s my last, I ain’t staying in the holster unused.

  17. Tammy~

    I saw you live last night at Little Creek Casino in Washington State! You are AMAZING! I hope to see you all again. What a great show Jenny has. :) Come back to Washington, we love all you girls. I haven’t laughed that hard in along time! Hope you won big in the casino! :)

  18. Hi Tammy, Congratulations on your success! It’s been fun to watch you over the years. I live in Painesville and had your dad for Health class lol! I remember you as a little girl in a Riverside Beaver cheerleading outfit on the sidelines of our high school football games when your dad was a coach! I am sure that there is a photo of you in one of our yearbooks!

  19. Awe! Thanks for reaching out! I do have some of those photo’s-I even have posted for #TBT. What a fun time! Best!

  20. Luca, Tammy & Luca Jr., thank you all for being so kind, it was a pleasure to meet all of you @ Ollies.

    Jim & Ruth Moore

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